It is the latest generation of vision correction surgery known as the least invasive method for treating myopia and astigmatism.

As the latest generation of Femtosecond devices, Femtosecond Zeiss is able to feature a special capability called SMILE, in addition to performing common femtosecond functions which is in fact the latest generation of vision correction surgery. In conventional methods, the cornea is shaped by cutting the cornea surface.





Two incisions are made at a depth lower than 120 microns in the SMILE technique which form a lens-shaped tissue within the cornea and the cornea form is changed and the vision is corrected by removing the disc through a 2 mm incision. In fact, no excimer laser is needed along with this device, and all the functions is done by the Femtosecond device. The SMILE capability is exclusively offered by Zeiss Company which is the only Femtosecond device with such capability.




This method has some advantages, namely, quick patient recovery, intact optic nerve, a significant reduction of dry eye, without pain and loss of tear, and return to everyday tasks the day after surgery.

This is the first and best choice for all myopic patients and those with astigmatism, especially for those with a thin cornea. This device has a frequency of 500 kHz.

This device has the following unique features:

  • Incurring the least amount of energy to the cornea, resulting in a quicker cornea recovery and healing.
  • The minimum increase in intraocular pressure, resulting in no disruption of the patient's vision during laser, less patient stress, and intact optic nerve. By and large, the device incurs a maximum pressure of 30 mm Hg during suction, which is quite small, compared to other devices.
  • Curved PI (Patient Interface)






It should be noted that "Smile" is known as the least invasive method for treating myopia and astigmatism.