Prevention strategies and treatment of lazy eye

Proper diagnosis of the causes is the only way to prevent lazy eye, and since many of these factors are unknown to families, all children's eyes should be examined at least three times before the primary school at different times (3 months, 2-3 years, and 5-6 years of age).



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When lazy eye is caused due to refractive errors, the first priority in treatment is correction through the glasses, and then the child should be forced to use the weak eye, usually by covering the healthy eye for weeks or months.

Before the age of seven is the best age for treating the lazy eye, because the vision system still has not found the stability and strength, and the vision will more probably return to its first state.

If lazy eye is diagnosed, be sure to follow the vision status and changes in the child's refractive errors by the end of the ten years. If the lazy eye is not treated, serious and permanent vision loss occurs in the lazy eye, the 3-dimensional vision is lost and if the healthy eye is affected or damaged, the person may suffer from poor vision till the end of life.


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