Dry eye

Chronic loss or reduction of tears and moisture in the eye surface leads to dry eye, which may cause mild, but permanent irritation or discomfort or inflammation of the anterior chamber of the eye.


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Symptoms of dry eye

The senses of transient dryness, burning, scratch and vision reduction (usually removed by several blinking) are symptoms of dry eye.

In some patients, excessive dry eye can cause excessive eye irritation and lead to epiphora and sometimes the patient feels an external object in the eye.


Reasons for dry eye

  • Aging in some people (especially women) reduces tear secretion.
  • It may occur in hot, dry, windy, dusty areas.
  • Reduced blinking due to working with a computer
  • Long use of contact lens
  • Smoking
  • Drugs like antihypertensive drugs, cold stops, anti-depressant and heart attack drugs, etc.
  • Vitamin A deficiency (VAD)

Using the most advanced diagnostic devices (keratography 5M, HD Analyzer, and several other devices), the amount of dry eye is measured in a specialized and perfect manner in the specialized ophthalmology clinic of Dr. Sedagat,


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DryEye.sedaghat eye clinic.



DryEye.sedaghat eye clinic


DryEye.sedaghat eye clinic