In order to calculate the power of intra ocular lenses to be used in cataract surgery, the IOL MASTER device measures eye biometry. In addition to calculating the axial length of the intra ocular lens, it measures the rate of corneal aberration (Keratometry) as well.


IOLMaster 700 1


The device features multiple calculation formulas, namely, four generations of Holladay II, SRK / T, SRK II, Hoffer, Higis L, Higis, and the latest generation of Holladay II formulas is also installed on its software.


iolmaster 700 182805

The intra ocular lens is a lens implanted in the eye as part of a treatment for cataracts or myopia. The lenses consist of a small polymeric lens along with the arms of the same material, contributing to the maintenance of the lens inside the capsular bag. By and large, intra ocular lenses fall into two general categories:

Pseudophakic lenses: This type of intra ocular lenses is actually implanted during the cataract surgery after removing the natural blurred lens.

Phakic lenses: This type of intra ocular lenses is implanted in the presence of the natural lens and in front of it during refractive surgery and to change the visual acuity of the eye.